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MEET MEG! She is our September Member Spotlight!! I started my CrossFit journey about 6 years ago. I was petrified to walk through the door at my first onramp class, but I soon found out that was the hardest part and the rest was gravy! Anyway, I have battled with my weight, self-image, and self-worth all my life. I was always the cute chubby kid, well it isn’t cute forever and then it becomes an issue! In school, I was the one who made fun of myself so others didn’t have to and never played sports because of my weight. Ok, enough negative crap. I finished onramp, miraculously without having a coronary or vomiting and I figured I would just rip the bandaid off and jump into the regular class the next day. It was definitely hard, I skipped classes, took too many days, ok weeks off in a row but I knew I could always come back and pick up where I left off. Truth be told, if you take too much time off your muscles think you are starting over again and it hurts, so I try not to do that anymore! CFA helped me stay strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy with my twin girls and keeps me sane through the toddler years. These days, I try and get in 4-5 times a week. I really like lifting heavy things, with squat cleans and back squats being my favorites. I still, to this day strongly dislike burpees and running but I have learned they are a necessary evil so I will do my best to embrace them. I work as a 911 dispatcher which can take a toll on your mind, body, and soul. You sit too long, hear the worst of the worst and the diet can get a little college frat party like, so I come to Crossfit, it is my 1 hour or so where nobody needs me other than spotting a heavy lift. I work out hard, or as hard as I can since I am old ?, I throw some heavy weight around and leave it all on the mat. It really is the best therapy around! My all-time favorite part of CFA are the amazing athletes and coaches that make a community that is beyond anything I thought I could ever be a part of. It is a huge, loving, caring, sometimes dysfunctional family where you are not judged and everyone is welcome! Thank you, Nick and Jamie, for creating and maintaining a fantastic opportunity or us!