Success Stories

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Ethans success story


When I was asked to share my story, I was honored to do so. My initial write-up was a simplistic yet effective story about watching my dad struggle with heart problems, my brief stint with cancer and the ever-growing number on the scale, increasing daily....

Jens success story


I have always struggled with exercise, working out, looking for fad diets, or quick fixes. In 2014, I found myself in a lousy spot. I was about 260 pounds, and I was an emotional wreck. My 9-year relationship was coming to an end and It was causing me so ...

Jennys success story


January 5th will be four years since the beginning of my transformation. The four years prior were spent living in three different states and moving six times. The instability took a huge toll on me mentally as well as physically and left me in a state of...

Lynnes success story


One year ago today (written June 2018), I started my healing journey with CFA. I could barely get up and down from the floor and cried during my first attempt at Burpees. My first box jump was over a line on the mat. I had been depressed and physically in...

Shainas success story


I am honored and humbled to have been asked to share my story. I feel as though I’m still in the midst of my transformation and hope to always strive to be better than I was yesterday. I started my wellness journey running every morning. Once I realiz...

Steves success story


As many of you know, the fire service has been a big part of my life for almost 30 years. Going through the 2012 fire academy I felt I needed to get fit. I turned to running. I was running any chance I had enjoyed it until Summer of 2017 when I pinched a ...

Zoes success story


It’s not an exaggeration to say that CrossFit saved my life; certainly my quality of life. I was on the verge of osteoporosis at age 54, and the poster child for bone loss as a tiny, small-boned, fair-skinned woman with a terrible family history of the ...