"I’ve Just Completed the Warm-up"


When I was asked to share my story, I was honored to do so. My initial write-up was a simplistic yet effective story about watching my dad struggle with heart problems, my brief stint with cancer and the ever-growing number on the scale, increasing daily. How all of those items combined and with the motivation of my good friend and longtime member, Brad, convinced me to join the box and lose weight. But that is not the whole story.

My real transformation transcends more than just the weight loss – but rather my entire lifestyle. I never would have been caught with a gym membership. I looked at food, sleep, and hydration as necessary evils to keep the body functioning. I didn’t understand the importance of macronutrients and my view of people who were in shape was that they can lift heavy and have the big muscles to prove it.

After joining Crossfit Acadia, I put forth an effort to not just move, but to grow. Over the next few years, I learned how to optimize my diet, to not just do a movement but to do it efficiently, to execute it with good form, and to view mobility as a part of fitness. Most importantly, I learned that just because somebody looks like they are in shape doesn’t mean they are and somebody who is in shape may look like they’ve never done a single workout.

My transformation occurred not just in weight loss and lifting numbers, but it occurred when a community of dedicated members pushed me, challenged me, and cheered me on to realize there is a better version of me that exists. I transformed into someone who, views food as fuel, believes gymnastic motions are just as tiring as weights, feels that cardio is tolerable (somedays), knows I can spend 282 days at the box in one year, enjoys the WODs and community, and thinks there were 83 days of lost opportunity this year.

My journey in fitness at Crossfit Acadia started as a summer fling and has now transformed my way of life. I am proud to say it isn’t over as my goals continue to be met and change, increasing in difficulty every time. And the idea that motivates me every day? I’ve just completed the warm-up.

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