Our Story

“CrossFit” is commonly known these days through a variety of exposures. You may have heard about it through a friend that currently works out at another affiliate, have a law enforcement or military buddy that encouraged you to check it out, or perhaps have seen the CrossFit Games on ESPN. In recent years CrossFit has made quite the ripple in the fitness community. However, things weren’t always this way.

CrossFit Acadia is a grassroots affiliate
Coach Nick Birdsall began training with CrossFit.com in 2007, seeing value in both the Crossfit methodologies and way of life. He decided he not only wanted to continue training this way, but wanted to offer it to others in his community; friends, family, and fellow military members. Nick has not looked back since receiving his CFL1 Certification in 2008, and affiliating a CrossFit Acadia gym (box) in 2011 in his home garage.

A common goal: having fun and increasing healthy living through fitness
CrossFit Acadia moved into a small garage in Ellsworth, Maine in YEAR? with limited equipment and only a small clientele. With persistence and long hours, this community of people built the box, and exposed as many people as they could to CrossFit. From this, the affiliate increased its membership and offered more classes, leading to both coach growth and expansion. Over the years, CFA athletes have consistently become certified to train fellow athletes, thus improving the affiliate’s inherent value.

Who we are now
From 2011-2015 CrossFit Acadia has developed into a box built for, and by, its members, offering nutritional guidance, one-on-one training, and a dedicated staff always looking to learn new things and give the best experience possible.

“We have always and will continue to stay true to the core concepts developed by Coach Greg Glassman, founder of Crossfit. It’s been an incredible journey starting from nothing to seeing the lives of so many people changed who have come through those doors. We were fortunate enough to have been involved with CrossFit at the beginning of the movement, but even more fortunate to be able to  share our experience and education with others.”

CFA Coach Nick Birdsall

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