Megan Bourke

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Megan Bourke


Member Since 2014


Why are you doing crossfit?
I do it for community and because it makes me do things I would never do on my own!
What got you started doing crossfit?
Why do you stay with it?
Addiction - I fell in love immediately!
Why you Crossfit and what do you like most about it?
See #1
We all have goals-what are you working towards?
My goal is to come back and do it again tomorrow for the rest of my life!
How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Since 2013
How do you get through and what is the most difficult/frustrating WOD?
I have gratitude every day for my health - when I am struggling, I think of all of the people who cannot do what we get to do. What workout really gets you excited when you walk into the box? Anything with burpees or double-unders.
What is your favorite CrossFit movement and your most dreaded CF movement?
Love Burpees - Scared of heavy Squat Cleans and Snatches
What eating plans do you follow and what is your typical "go to" meal/snack?
I follow non-processed foods for the most part and I believe in moderation
What is your favorite cheat?
Processed Midel Ginger Snaps
What made you want to get your L1?
I wanted to learn more about CF
What certifications or specialties do you have? (CrossFit or Other, School sports played?)
Too many Certifications to write down in skiing and teaching - Water Safety and CPR Certs (but they have expired) - Cert 1 in CF What kind of things do you see that you hope to help correct.I am all about SAFETY - I want people to stay healthy so I look to keep their form safe and correct so that they can come back and 'do it again tomorrow!' Why did you start coaching and why are you continuing to coach? I love to help and I have been teaching something since I was 14, so I think that I am addicted to teaching/coaching
What hobbies do you have?
What is your favorite color?
Orange and Blue are tied (Go BRONCOS!)
What do you do when you're not crossfitting?
Hike with my dog - bike - take photos - pick blueberries and help my Husband with his company Immunolight

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