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Jenny Benoit


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Why are you doing CrossFit?
I am doing CrossFit because I like to feel good physically and mentally. I believe age is just a number and I want to continue to use and train my body to live a long, healthy and happy life without any excuses to hold me back from doing anything I want.
What got you started doing CrossFit?
It wasn’t until after I had my first child that I got into exercise. I began running and doing kickboxing, and that led to me lifting in a gym. Four years of moving to 4 states and depression ended my exercising, and when I got back into it, I couldn’t find anything that was enough. I needed something more.
Why do you stay with it?
Easy; I never did anything like it. My brain was satisfied, and my body was constantly changing and getting stronger. The community and the programming are unlike anything anywhere. I am a very competitive person and very hard on myself, and I can walk into the box every day and strive to beat that person in the mirror!
Why you Crossfit and what they like most about it.
I CrossFit because I want to see exactly what this body is capable of! I love that it is different every day, and I love that it is my antidepressant.
We all have goals-what are you working towards?
I guess ultimately a goal of mine is to see how low I can get my body fat percentage. Recently I have realized the scale is my enemy. And now I am just focused on body composition even if the numbers on the scale go up that doesn’t mean that I am failing, in fact, it is possibly the exact opposite. I am currently working on goals in mostly gymnastics movements. I need to more efficiently do you handstand push-ups, toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups and someday I may even be able to do a muscle up. It is a goal of mine to do one by the time I’m 50!
How long have you been doing Crossfit?
How do you get through and what is the most difficult/frustrating WOD.
The most difficult and frustrating WODs are the ones with gymnastic movements because I currently lack the ability to string my toes to bar together, my chest to bar pull-ups are done in singles, I’m not satisfied with my HSPU’s. When I see these movements in a work out I just know I have to be positive because I can easily get in my own head and put myself down. To get through these types of workouts, I remember that I have to do the best that I can do and not what other people are doing around me. If doing singles, I try to have a fast turn over, so I’m not wasting too much time on the clock.
What workout really gets you excited when you walk into the box?
I love chippers! I love when there is a big number or time frame that I have to complete as many as possible because I like that type of edge and that type of competition with myself!
Your favorite CrossFit movement and your most dreaded CF movement?
I LOVE sit-ups, GHD. I LOVE wallballs! These things make my heart burst. Toes to Bar and Chest to Bar really are the movements I dread the most.
What eating plans do you follow and what is your typical “go to” meal/snack?
I did Zone for almost a year, and I have been doing RP for over two years now.
What is your favorite cheat?
New York style Pizza. Pizza is life.
What made you want to get your L1?
I love this sport, and I love the way I feel, and I wanted to be able to help people move correctly and do things that they never thought they could possibly do.
What certifications or specialties do you have? (CrossFit or Other, School sports played?)
Besides my L-1 I don’t have any other certifications... yet! I do plan to get my L-2, and when I am able, I would love to get certified in aerobic capacity, weightlifting, and Adaptive Training.
Why did you start coaching and why are you continuing to coach?
I started coaching because there was a need but, I continue to coach because I love nothing more than to see the look on peoples faces when they have done something really hard, after each workout, after lifting more than they thought they could. I love the camaraderie and watching everybody push each other to be their best.
What hobbies do you have?
I love hiking and camping and being outdoors, The ocean in my front yard and the mountains in the backyard.
What is your favorite color?
What do you do when you’re not doing CrossFit?
Besides eating and sleeping, I am a wife and mother of two.

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