About Us

Helping to build a stronger community, one athlete at a time.

CrossFit Acadia (CFA) is not a typical gym. We are a coaching facility that follows the CrossFit methodologies, holds all-levels classes throughout the day, and provides personal training for those looking to attack more individual goals. Our main goal is to promote and offer a healthy lifestyle to our members and to the entire community.

We achieve this goal by focusing on our athletes’ training; providing them with the necessary instruction, equipment, and facilities for improvement; working with high school and collegiate athletes looking for on-/off-season training in additional to people requiring a slower-paced, or one-on-one training environment; offering Wodify (a CrossFit digital whiteboard system) without any additional charge to our members, making tracking progress easy for our athletes; conducting on-ramp classes for new athletes so they can learn about CrossFit and it’s methodologies in a safe and less intimidating environment; and offering periodic seminars that cover topics ranging from mobility, to injury prevention, to tips on how to survive your first Crossfit competition.

You will hear it all the time, CrossFit is a way of life.  It’s about becoming healthier and stronger, mentally and physically. Join us at CrossFit Acadia and let us help you strengthen what you already have inside.

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